Quick Tips: Diamond Painting Travel Hacks

Speedy Tips: Diamond Painting Travel Hacks

About a month prior, I wound up freezing since I had a voyage coming up and was just mostly gotten done with my present Diamond Painting.

Like any great Diamond Painting someone who is addicted, I wasn’t going to go two entire weeks without putting any drills.

Paint by Numbers Kit-Mandala Butterfly Heart | Diy painting, Paint by number,  Painting

Normally, I mixed to discover some approach to take my semi-monster work-in-progress with me.

Fortunately, with the correct prep and extras, I had the option to travel securely with my pack (plane what not!). In a little while, I wound up on the lido deck with individuals continually halting to ask me what I was doing. I felt like a VIP!

Right away, here are some fast tips for every one of you DP addicts who love making a trip however don’t have any desire to go through withdrawal when you do!

Tip 1: Use Spill-Proof Vials For Your Diamonds

The jewel stockpiling holders you typically paint by numbers custom use are extraordinary for at-home use, however they basically will not be reasonable for voyaging.

All things considered, you’ll need safer “spill-evidence” vials with covers that screw on firmly. That way, you will not experience any awful precious stone spills.

Presently, to really ship these vials, you’ll likewise need a solid conveying case with a zipper and froth embeds that keep everything secured tight.

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Tip 2: Use A Puzzle Carrier For Your Canvas

These things are a God-send! Head on over to Amazon and get yourself a Puzzle Carrier to keep your material moved firmly and away from hurt.

While a few transporters accompany shaky cardboard, we suggest a transporter with an inflatable cylinder and move up tangle (presented above) to ensure your precious stones are secured.

When moving, we propose having the precious stones confronting outward. On the off chance that you move up your material with your jewels confronting internal, you may wind up with wrinkles in your material.

Reward Tip: If you incline toward a more DIY strategy, you can generally make your own Puzzle Carrier with a thick sheet of felt, a pool noodle, and huge elastic groups. Get cunning and utilize your creative mind!

Tip 3: Consider An Art Portfolio To Transport Your Canvas

In case you’re not very excited about moving up your material in a riddle transporter, think about an Art Portfolio Case. These clever little conveying sacks are water safe and lightweight, so they’re an incredible alternative if your pack is on the more modest side.

Tip 4: Bring A Smaller Diamond Painting Kit

For the most part, we suggest going with a more modest material (not bigger than 50x75cm). It’s slightly unrealistic to pull around your XXXXL unit with you, and you may not wind up having a lot of time to do it!

Tip 5: Don’t Spend All Your Time Diamond Painting

By the day’s end, you’re holiday! Sure it’s unwinding to invest some “in the middle” time dealing with your DP, however remember to stop, glance around, and appreciate the sights while you’re away! You’ll generally have the option to complete your composition when you return home.

Have any movement hacks we may have missed? Tell us in the remarks down underneath!

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